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Published by COPDEND, development funded by the Department of Health

Welcome to the 'Child protection and the dental team' website

If you are a member of the dental team, this educational resource will give you an introduction to safeguarding children in dental practice. If you are a child protection trainer who works with dental teams, you may also find some information of interest.

You can use this site as... When? How?
A training resource If you need to update your knowledge of child protection By working systematically through each of the main sections, starting with responsibility (see the blue tabs at the top of the page)
A fast-response tool If you have concerns NOW about a child By going straight to the summary flow chart and using links to navigate from there
A clinical governance resource If you need to prepare your dental practice to safeguard children By starting with the section on reorganising

Additional materials, including the accompanying handbook and sample documents to print or download are available from the left hand menu at any time. If you have a bound copy of the ‘Child Protection and the Dental Team: an introduction to safeguarding children in dental practice’ handbook, you can store the documents inside the cover pocket together with relevant local information you obtain.


Continuing professional development

The dental team are encouraged to reflect on previous child protection experience, to make notes on anything new learned and any further training needs identified.
Print form for recording general CPD

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Every member of the dental team has a part to play


If you are: 

Anyone who has contact with children (or adults who are parents) through your work in dental practice
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Child protection - whose responsibility?
Child protection and the dental team: flow chart for action

A dentist, dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental nurse
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Recognising abuse and neglect
What to do if you're worried about a child 

Responsible for giving advice to children and young people on how to care for their teeth
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Dental neglect
Managing dental neglect

A dental receptionist
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Managing dental neglect
Best practice in record keeping

A dental practice owner, CQC registered manager, dental practice manager or senior dental nurse
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Tips for best practice
Document 4 Flow chart for action
Document 7 Practice checklist 


Learning objectives

On completion you will:

  • be aware of your responsibilities with respect to child protection
  • be able to recognise the presenting features of child abuse and neglect
  • understand your role within current multi-agency child protection procedures
  • be motivated and enabled to follow local child protection procedures correctly
  • be able to participate in further multi-agency training
  • know where to find additional sources of support and advice